Henryk Gruza

Director of Production and Development

Henryk Gruza (PhD)  is a graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry at the Warsaw University of Technology.

in 2000 defended his doctorate at the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in the field of stereoselective organic synthesis

For over twenty years, he has held managerial positions in pharmaceutical companies dealing with the area of research and development. He supervised both the development of the technology for obtaining and implementing the production of pharmaceutical active substances (API) and the finished drug form (FDF). He co-founded the pharmaceutical company Temapharm (Exeltis). He held the position of API Research and Development Director at Polpharma SA and Sensilab. He was a member of the Supervisory Board of the innovative biotechnology company OncoArendi Terapeutics (Molecure). At Innox, he is responsible for developing the technology and manufacturing active substances of plant origin and the form of the drug.