Dorota Kozaczuk

Quality Department and Analytical Laboratory

Dorota Kozaczuk MSc has over 12 years of experience in the field of quality assurance and control.

A graduate of the University of Bialystok in the field of Biology.

She started her professional career in the French Lactalis Group, taking the position of an analyst in a physic-chemical laboratory, and then a Quality Control Specialist.

She continued her experience at Greenvit Sp. z o.o. as the Quality Department Manager, where she was responsible, among others, for creating the structure of the Quality Control Department, implementing and supervising the functioning of the Quality Management System.

Currently, she is responsible for the Quality Department and Analytical Laboratory in Innox Sp. z o. o.

Supporter of short forms and clear message. She likes to plan her time and activities in order to diligently and reliably achieve the set goals, especially under time pressure.