Sylwia Hryszko

Administration and Office Specialist

Sylwia Hryszko is an Administration and Office Specialist at the company's headquarters in Innox, Białystok. Before Sylwia joined the Innox team, she gathered over 4 years of experience, mainly in the area of administration. The longest professional experience - over 7.5 years - was working for the MSD pharmaceutical company as a CRM Specialist.

Sylvia responded to for the administration of the CRM system, database management, training and technical support for users, managing the distribution of medicinal product samples, marketing consents and EFPIA consents, supporting the Digital team.

Currently, Sylwia is responsible for organizing the office, supervising compliance with specific standards and procedures, providing the office with the necessary work tools, and cooperating with subcontractors. Sylwia broadens her knowledge in the areas of accounting and HR management. He coordinates and executes orders from all departments of the company.

Sylwia holds a master's degree in economics from the University of Economics in Bialystok and a bachelor's degree in financial mathematics from the University of Bialystok.